Nickel Alloy Weldable O-let Fittings

We are suppliers of nickel alloy Weldable O-let Fittings in nickel alloy metals like Monel©, Inconel©, Hastelloy©, and Alloy20 and all subgrades of the same.

Nickel Alloy Weldable O-let Fittings

We have a very good experience of manufacturing nickel alloy O-let Fittings and our product quality is acceptable in domestic market as well as in Internationl market..

We are at present suppying these wedable branch o'let fittings to all industries like Oil, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Hazardus chemicals etc. directly or indirectly.


We are producing Weldable O-let Fittings in vast range and there is genuine reason behind the same and that is we are not manufacturing All of them either under one roof or all in house which help us to get the final end product at the most economical price with world class quality norms too.

Types of Nickel Alloy Branch O'let Fittings


Nickel Alloy O'lets - Sockolet

Nickel Alloy Sockolet O'lets

Find the best enginnered nickel alloy sockolet outlet fittings manufactured and supplied by us.


Nickel Alloy Olets - Insert

Nickel Alloy Insert Olets

We are suppling Insert O-lets according to standardized designs using superior grades of nickel alloy metals. These Olets are suitable for a variety of applications across the industries and are used to withstand high pressure flow and corrosion.


Nickel Alloy O-lets - Elbolet

Nickel Alloy Elbolet O'lets

We offer nickel alloy Elbowlet Olets that are manufactured using quality assured nickel alloys. Our range of nickel alloy Elbowlets are extensively used in several industrial applications and available in all standard dimensions as well as we do customize these nickel alloy Olets as per client's drawings.


Nickel Alloy Olets - Threadolet

Nickel Alloy Threadolet O'lets

Nickel alloy threadolets which have different threading options. Available in variety of sizes these Olets are available in standard dimensions and specifications and can also be customized as per client's requirements.


Nickel Alloy Nippolet Olets

As the name nippolet is and olet having nipple shape to extend the length gap in between two objects. There nickel olets have option of screwing or welding both.


Nickel Alloy Olets - Weldolet

Nickel Alloy Weldolet O'lets

We exports and supply quality nickel alloy Weldolets that are manufactured using quality tested nickel alloy materials, making them resistant to corrosion. To meet requirements of engineers we suupply these olets in complete sizes and all regular nickel alloy grades.


Nickel Alloy Olets - Couplet

Nickel Alloy Couplet Olets

Avail a comprehensive range of nickel alloy couplet fitting that are durable and of superior quality. These olets are resistant to corrosion and give excellent performance.Our array of nickel alloy olets can be availed at very competitive prices.


Nickel Alloy Branzolets

Nickel Alloy Branzolet O'lets

Nickel alloy Branzolets supplied by us are for various industrial pipline and piping projects. We exports all sizes and grades of nickel alloy brazolets as per specifications.


Nickel alloy Sweepolets

Nickel Alloy Sweepolets

Get the quality sweepolets in all nickel alloy metals like Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Alloy 20 etc. as per your job specifications and requirements.


Nickel Alloy Latrolets

Get the quality nickel alloy forged latrolet in all nickel alloy metals like alloy 400, alloy X-750 etc. as per your job specifications and requirements.



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