Are Stainless Steel merchant's safe and have rights as an India citizen have ?....................13.03.10

I am not very much shocked about this case because I am also to some extent victim of such violence operating peoples. But today many many questions are arriving in my mind about the law and order for a common man as well as now about a business man who never ever belive in violence or criminal activities. He might be found guilty in tax evasion but you will never find him beating someone just for not paying himself some rupee for his entertainment. on 13.03.2010 in evening time there was some peoples have some argument about parking handcart of this shop keeper. It is a wondering thing that these peoples just started beating this shop owners and workers.

I have to first share a brief information about this case there is a shop in 1st Kumbharwada named Mayank Steel. Mr. Jitendra Jain is the owner of this shop and a merchant of Stainless Steel Bright Bars. This Mumbai 4000 004 pin code and if some one don't know I world like to share that here you will get all kind of Stainless Steel raw materials for industries like Stainless Steel Plates, Sheets, Pipes, Tubes, Bright Bars, Black Bars, Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Forgings, Hardware's, Valves etc. Not only this but here super Alloys like Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium also available which is kind of critical alloys.

Since such kind of variety of metals available in the the area Girgaon people must be having great turnover for the same and it is but obvious that if there is turnover is there than tax also must be levied on these stainless steel merchants. I would also like to add one more important thing that the majority of these merchants are from one community and that is Jain. I don't think that I should give introduction to Jain religion where there is only one aim to safeguard any kind of life on this earth irrespective weather it is human being or animal or given a insect which may or may not be harmful to an human being. "Ahinsa Parmo Dharm" is the main base of this religion.

There was police come in the case but even after police came these peoples were betted those merchant peoples. It is really a funny thing that if I have some disturbance by some one on regular basis I will not complain to police but if I have mussel power I will just beat those peoples is it right ? Is there any punishment for such peoples ? Do you think a person ( A merchant ) who have been betted by group of peoples have any kind of security ?

I was use to be there in 1st Kumbharwada on lease to operate my business of stainless steel nut bolts and I have an experience that while the festival of Ganpati local resident's of that lane come to me asked donation and I requested them that I am very new and just establishing my business I can not pay much then on of the fellow was just used a very bad word which I can not write here and second fellow just came to beat me. Later on they told me that if you don't have money to pay no problem don't pay but next year you will have to pay double.

I have a simple question for what they asking money to run their house, for their entertainment or for Lord Ganesha. If it was for Lord Ganesha it is an religious activity and it should be done by myself as per my loyalty and capacity, for what this force was. Infect exactly in front of me there was another merchant's shop who was dealing in stainless steel pipe / butt weld fittings was been betted by those peoples for not giving there desired amount.

I have another example on this same lane there is an shop named 'Western Metals' this merchant is dealing into stainless steel circles and having a shop. That building was into repairing and before repairing there was small Ganeshji's temple established by local residents on the wall of this shop. After repairing these peoples again tried to establish the temple there and the owner of this shop restricted them about the same he launched complain in police station. Here it very important that he was already stood in one of the election from BJP party and but obvious he might be having some relations or influence in police station and these local peoples could not do any thing. But at the same time they started harassing other merchant's by asking that you can not park cycle or scooter on road. Again it is very funny this that these peoples only find inconvenient of parking in the whole Girgaon area but no one else such a highly populated region and that too after this issue not prior to that.

There is an association named 'meta and stainless steel merchant's association' and the main activity of this association is to resolve the problems of merchants and to be a bridge in between any other party and merchant in case it is needed. After this case there was no reaction no official announcement for the case of 13.03.10 where a innocent merchant was beaten by local fact that merchant went to association that for what you are there and for what if you can not safeguard us, we are even betted in presence of police and nothing done by them what is our future and rights. We are paying regular tax to Govt. and what government is giving us in return not even safety any one comes and beat us tomorrow these peoples will come to our home and do the same, is there any law and order.

Matter do not gets end here I have seen one notice board by an local party stating that these merchant's have used bad words for us and we will not forgive you until and unless you peoples say sorry to us.

I am asking my self that if Amitabh Bachan such a respected Indian citizen and world known famous star is being asked to say sorry ( Just because his wife says we don't know one person and we have no concerned about him, rest of the matter every one know ) or else his faille's any movie will not be allowed in the state itself and he made to say sorry to not come into such political drama. After some time Sharukh Khan a same field personality gives his personal opinion and he is also asked to say sorry by a party but he refuses to say sorry saying it is my right to share my opinion i have not done any thing against law and order of India and police, infect chief minister of maharashtra state says that we will protect you and your all multiplex cinemas showing your movies even though there was limited police force and there is always threat of Terrorist in city.